Rainy day cheat sheet

daffodil 1

Like the rest of Colorado, Glenwood Springs typically has 300 plus days of sunshine per year.  Today, the day I decided to start this blog, it’s raining. It also happens to be a Friday.  The forecast for the weekend doesn’t look good either. By morning we can count on a soggy, snowy wet mess on top of the daffodils and tree blossoms. Can this dreary spring weekend be saved? These five ideas will brighten your outlook.

  1. Soak. When it’s raining, sitting in the pools at the Glenwood Hot Springs or Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s actually the sensible thing to do. If you go, you’ll be wearing a swimsuit which is the perfect attire for both the pools and the weather. You won’t get chilly either because the hot springs are how do I put this – hot! In fact, the counterpoint of cold rain might actually feel so good that rainy and snowy days become your favorite time to soak.
  2. Sip Something. Cooper Wine & Spirits, located at 732 Cooper Ave., hosts free tastings most weekends. It’s a great opportunity to try some new alcoholic beverages and learn something about whisky, wine, beer or whatever else the owners decide they feel like serving. Tonight and tomorrow they will be pouring a flight of Italian wines. Yes please.
  3. Cloud spotting. We really don’t get a ton of rainy weather in Glenwood Springs, but when we do, mornings and early evenings are perfect times to go cloud spotting. It’s my term for when the clouds dip into the low spots between the mountains and hang there like a veil. It’s akin to watching a sunset – peaceful, relaxing. It also reminds me that even when the weather spoils my plans to go hiking, there’s still something beautiful, even wondrous to see if I just look for it. I recommend staging a car picnic and going cloud spotting at the CMC Spring Valley Campus.
  4. Run. Or walk. Don’t let a little rain interfere with your fitness routine or your plans to get outside. Make the most of it by splashing in the puddles. Really, you will feel like a kid again. Full disclosure, my run today consisted of dashing from City Market to my car. Tomorrow morning however, if it’s still raining, I’ll be splashing through puddles on the Rio Grande Trail.
  5. Caffeinate. You can hardly walk a block in Glenwood Springs without coming across a coffeehouse. A rainy day is the perfect time to visit a java shop; pull up a chair, get comfy on a couch and sip, read and nosh away for a few hours.
tree blossom

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